• Reception open days have been postponed.  We will update the website in the near future with dates.


Whole School Priorities 2015-2016

Copperfield Academy - Cherish and Challenge
Raising Aspirations and Attainment Plan 2015-16.
Our overall strategic vision 2015-2019
Outcomes for 2019:


  1. Healthy children who have the knowledge and skills to make positive choices
  2. Children who have achieved their academic best so that they are best placed to start the next phase of their education.
  3. A school environment that meets the physical , social and emotional needs of the children
  4. Children who are successful because of the high quality, holistic curriculum and outstanding teaching
  5. Children who understand and respect British Values
  6. Children who have acquired strong learning skills, who are confident in decision making and who collaborate well with others.
  7. Children who are active in their local community


  1. A school where parents positively engage with the children and the school
  2. A school with strong links to the local community and the wider world


  1. A school that develops and maintains a professional and skilled workforce.
  2. A schools with a skilled and knowledgeable GB with a diverse range of professional skills and a definite strategy for succession.
  3. A school which is managed in a way that provides best value.


  1. Raising Aspirations and Attainment Plan 2015-16